Here are some of the bible foods you should start taking immediately:

  • Quail Meat and Quail Eggs: Quail eggs contain large amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C, which can help neutralize free radicals and protect your health. God sent it as manna to the children of Israel in the old testament.
  • Locusts: About 70% weight of a locust is protein. They also contain adequate amounts of riboflavin, iodine, traces of calcium and phosphorus. They even contain omega-3, omega-6 and folic acid that are essential for pregnant women. Locust and natural honey was the staple food of John the Baptist.
  • Hyssop: This biblical ingredient is rich in flavonoids, flavorful compounds that can act as antioxidants. It may help reduce your risk of age-related conditions like cataracts, heart disease, and strokes. Hyssop is mentioned in the Torah as a cleansing herb, used for purification rituals. Also, see psalm 51 vs 7.

We have other bible foods like barley, fenugrek, lentils, mustard, marjoram, etc., that will help you lose weight fast, but some of these foods are not available in some parts of the world.

So, the best thing was combining most of these biblical ingredients into one drink supplement, and make it readily available anywhere you reside.

The extracts from most of these bible foods have been combined into one super drink with lots of health benefits. This is the equivalent of getting all these foods in your local market and using them daily.

In fact, this drink supplement have been used by thousands of people world over and have lots of positive reviews.

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