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Lost 23Kg in 28 working days...

At first, I was broken after listening to the part where Simon narrated the ordeal his wife went through as a type-2 diabetic. I cried at that point because my sister died of diabetes, and I didn't want that to happen to me. In summary, I've lost 23kg in 28 days of eating these bible foods. Also, my skin looks brighter and the cellulites that made me unhappy are gone. All gone!

Maria Adegoke
Lecturer, Leeds University. UK saved me from... going under the knife...

I've spent quite a good amount of money on various weight loss programs that ended up making me worse than I was. In fact, my life was disorganized. Until a colleague in the office referred me to this website. Boy, this Biblical Ingredients for weight loss Info saved me from wasting more money and going under the knife in the name of cosmetic surgery.

Fit and slim
Victoria Wades
Pubic Health Worker, Ontario. Canada

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