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I lost 17 Kg in a month.

Girls, I got lucky and got into the second group. Besides the keto-diet (that I honestly didn't follow so closely), I drank Keto Bullet . I lost 17 kg in a month. I've got no saggy fat and my boobs are in place too!!! I eat less than I used to, I don't get snack cravings as often and it was easy to cut out sugar when I used to be able to kill for a chocolate bar. I fell in love with Keto Bullet , so much that I still drink it now.

Lucy moss
Lucy Moss

I gradually lost  4 Kg over a week and a half...

My husband and I started drinking Keto Bullet , plus we've been trying to eat according to the keto-diet but it hasn't worked out for us... I can only say that I gradually lost 4 kg over a week and a half while my husband lost 7.5 kg! We feel better about ourselves and find ourselves in a better mood. Our results inspired us to try harder and lose even more weight. I hope we don't lose the results.

catalina wolf
Catalina Wolf

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