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Scientists: in the pursuit of penis enlargement you can stay without one. Is there an effective and safe technique?

According to statistics, 69% of men are not happy with their penis size. To fix this situation, they resort to surgical and non-surgical methods of penis enlargement. Recent studies have proven their ineffectiveness and health risks. The risk of being impotent after the procedures is 48%. There is only one way to enlarge penis safely.

A group of scientists and urologists from Singapore conducted a thorough analysis of 17 studies involving 1,162 men who were dissatisfied with the size of their penis. 513 subjects underwent surgical and 236 non-surgical intervention for penis enlargement.

It turned out that extenders and pumps are ineffective; injections bring serious complications and inflammation at the puncture site. Penis enlargement surgery - ligamentotomy - adds maximum 2-3 cm (effectiveness rate is 31%), while there is a high risk of penile innervation, which entails impotence.

Popular surgical and non-surgical techniques are ineffective and often bring complications:

59% Sensory impairment
63% Erectile dysfunction
74% Infections, festering wounds
36% Scar formation, deformity and dysfunction of the penis

These effects have a negative impact on the physical and psychological health of men. According to experts, the safest and most effective means for penis enlargement are creams and gels. But not all of them. Most of them contain synthetic components. Unscrupulous manufacturers advertise popular lubricants as effective means for penis enlargement. In 99% of cases, these means do not bring the desired effect, provoke allergic reactions and irritation.

Scientists have researched a few dozen of these products and identified their favorite. It turned out to be blue  Maral Gel , created according to the original recipe.

The gel is based on an old Asian recipe used to maintain men's health and strength. If you follow the manufacturer's recommendations, it gives real penis growth up to +5 cm per month! This news has become a real sensation among urologists and men who dream of a big penis.

 Maral Gel  is a natural product containing maral root and succinic acid. These components increase blood circulation in the penile tissues, stimulate cell growth and division. As a result, erections improve, the penis increases in length and girth.


The manufacturer insists on observing the recommendations for use prescribed in the instructions. Maral Gel is to be applied to the penis once a day with light massaging movements in the direction from the root to the head. The whole process takes no more than 5-7 minutes. It is important not to exceed the recommended daily volume of 15 ml. It is not recommended to use the gel more often and in large quantities - this provokes rapid tissue growth (up to 15-20 cm per month!). To obtain the desired effect, it is recommended to use a maxi-course, which will allow you to become the owner of an impressive penis in a few weeks.

Now there is no need to go under the knife and risk your health.  Maral Gel solves erection problems and enlarges the penis at home. The product has no side effects and contraindications, is easy to use, and the result exceeds all expectations. Order  Maral Gel  and see how your sex life will change for the better.

Due to increased counterfeiting of the product, the manufacturer recommends purchasing Maral Gel on  the official website only . As part of "Men's Health" social program you can now buy the gel at 50% off. Hurry up, the number of promotional packages is limited.

Rakesh Jindal

Wow, I got here in time. I just wanted to buy a pump for myself, I already started searching for it. Manufacturers are just fooling people around promising an instant and lasting effect when using the pump. Bullshitters...

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Fadli Zul

Idk why all men want to increase their penis... be happy with what nature has endowed you

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Salmah A

Just don't tell me that size doesn't matter. My ex went to a man who has 21 cm... And I have a 14 cm long dick. She told me that herself...

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Damian Lau

Salmah A, Sad story, bro. But don't worry, and you'll find a girl for your 14 cm. And you can still try  Maral Gel , maybe it works.

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Simon Koh

Guys, don't even hesitate. My penis was 13 cm, and it added 5 cm more after a month of use! See for yourself.

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Jonathan Low

I always dreamed of a bigger cock, but I was afraid. And this product seems to be natural and safe. Ordered. Gonna share feedback later

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Luke Ho

Guys, I just ordered it with a 50% discount! Really!!! Go ahead!

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Michael Ong

I've been using it for 2 weeks and the result is great - already +3 cm.

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Ke Wei N.

Guys, I had an average penis size, I ordered it for a different purpose - I had erection problems... My penis was flaccid, I couldn't satisfy women. No sex life. And then I stumbled upon  Maral Gel  and ordered it. A week later, I forgot about the problems. This is something!!! Sex like at 16, believe me. It's always so hard and you'll never fail. So the effect is obvious for me. All those operations and pumps are bullshit...

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Wei Ren

Cool I didn't have time to go to the doctor. By the way, I had an extender, complete crap... It hurts, it's hard, uncomfortable. I threw it away and ordered  Maral Gel . My buddy is waiting for it.

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Kyros Gupta

Oh, a familiar thing, my friend gave it to me as a funny gift, and it worked. Just imagine, my 15-cm penis turned into 19-cm giant))). My friend immediately ordered it for himself LOL. I'm grateful to him for such a joke.

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Sean Dubey

I think it's some kind of garbage, how can a gel work at all?

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Amir Gwalior

Sean Dubey, Believe it man, it really works!

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Rakeef Hunjan

Interesting article, thanks!

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Sandy San

These are the topics that need to be discussed, but they write that the operations do help, but in fact it turns out that they only make men impotent. Unbelievably crappy. They only make money and people are left with nothing. Good there is still  Maral Gel .

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