The expert’s confession: 9 out of 10 men who aren’t satisfied with their penis size don’t know they can solve this issue using a non-surgical method

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The expert’s confession: 9 out of 10 men who aren’t satisfied with their penis size don’t know they can solve this issue using a non-surgical method


Eugene Sadelers

male health expert, work experience 12 years

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img 351726

92% of men aren’t satisfied with their penis size, 87% of men want to last longer and 79% suffer from premature ejaculation. These are the results of the poll taken among men over 25. In the past, there were many approaches to solving this issue, including complicated penis enlargement surgery, but now you don’t need to take drastic actions.

Two years ago, Maral Gel was presented at an international conference. According to the manufacturer, this product is a comprehensive solution to sexual performance problems. The results of the research study which 369 men took part in prove this to be right:

The number of men 369

Longer and thicker penis


Higher sex drive


Better stamina


Short refractory period after having sex


High efficiency of Maral Gel stems from its formula and carefully selected natural ingredients. The gel’s formula includes Peruvian maca, L-arginine, diamine, Muira puama. These components increase blood flow to pelvic organs and stimulate the division and growth of penile cells, thus making it longer and thicker. The gel boosts testosterone production, which is good for male attractiveness and sex drive.

The developer offered the experts to use Maral Gel in everyday practice as a safe alternative to penis enlargement surgery. After studying the provided information carefully, I began to recommend my clients to use Maral Gel before going to drastic measures. 99% of my clients saw visible changes in 1,5-2 weeks and came back to thank me.

Let me tell you about some cases.

David S., 29 y.o. Suffered from erection problems for 6 months, also wanted to enlarge his penis. Set his mind on getting surgery, but agreed to try Maral Gel at the stage of pre-surgery check-up. Erection problems went away a week later. Three weeks later, he measured his penis: it grew 3 cm thicker and 4 cm longer.


Ethan P., 24 y.o. Problem: a small and thin penis (12 cm long, 4 cm thick). Tried a vacuum pump, got a hematoma. Complained of severe pain and absence of sex life. He used Maral Gel for 3 months. His penis reached 18 cm in length and 7 cm in circumference. He began to have sex regularly.

Samuel K., 38 y.o. Suffered from premature ejaculation for 2 years, could last only for 2-3 minutes, had weak orgasms. Took drugstore pills, but the situation didn’t change. After using Maral Gel for a month, he could last up to 25-30 minutes and sometimes more. Samuel reported stronger sensations and stronger, longer orgasms.

Maral Gel is easy to use. Spread a small amount of gel over the penis. Don’t use it as a lube.


Based on the clinical trial results and my clients’ data, I can assure you that Maral Gel is the best solution for the men who want to make their sex life better and spice it up, want to make a penis bigger without surgery or vacuum devices. It’s the only safe method that has no contraindications and is affordable for everyone.

The growth of popularity of the gel resulted in a great number of fakes. You can buy original Maral Gel on the official site - the product won’t be supplied to the drugstores. Stay on the safe side – don’t order the gel on third-party resources, buy it directly from the manufacturer. The site is running a special offer now: the first 30 readers who follow the link will get a 50% discount on Maral Gel . You deserve more!

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Oliver Burton


Cool stuff, I should definitely try it, even though I can’t say I have a small penis – 18 cm isn’t a common story, you know :)


Harry Anderson


It isn’t new to me. Used Maral Gel half a year ago. Won’t say much, just see the difference.


George Carter


Guys, be careful. I wanted to make my penis a little bigger but got a 27-cm tool. The women are shocked when they see my giant, I even have to use a stopper ring to have sex, otherwise, the women flee away in panic…


Jack Fletcher


My wife isn’t satisfied, so I’ll certainly try it. Can’t say my penis is small, it’s 20 cm long, but she says her ex had a 25-cm penis and it was great for her. I noticed her watching big dick porn, that’s what happens before they cheat…


Thomas Saunders


Do you need such a wife? Make your penis bigger and have fun with ladies! Make her envy you.


Irene Bennett


Wow, the results are great! Gotta give it to my husband. You know, a 15-cm penis is neither fish nor fowl. No pleasure :(


Jacob Walsh


I managed to get a 50% discount and ordered 2 tubes at the same time, thank you very much for your article


Alex Young


It’s an amazing thing, affordable and easy-to-use. I made my penis 6 cm longer in 2 weeks and the result is better than after surgery. Just have a look.


Anastasia Russell


I saw this tube at my brother’s, then he moved to another place, but didn’t tell me what it was. Now I know what this gel is for, my bro is a sly fox :) Saw him at a swimming pool at some party, and his tool appeared visible through his swimming trunks. I even regretted I am his sister!


Viktor Stewart


Guys, the result is amazing, I ordered Maral Gel , too, can’t wait to try it out.


Noah Murray


I’ve been using this gel for a bit more than a week, I like it. It’s easy to apply, and, unlike other products, not sticky. My result is +1cm so far, but there’s still more to come!


Max Parker


That’s nonsense, no ointment can help! I used a vacuum pump, it hurts and you should be careful… The result doesn’t last, but you still get it. Anyway, only having surgery can help to make it bigger forever, everything else is a scam.


Charlie Lawrence


Keep using a pump or go under the knife, if you don’t believe it. Try the product first and then say it’s a scam. Personally, I made my penis 4,5 cm longer in a month. Yes, I did it on my own, at home, without doctors and other stuff.


Daniel Hall


I’ve just received my parcel and I’m going to try it out right now. I’ll tell you about the results, well, maybe, a week later.


Adam Davidson


I saw a TV show about this gel recently, they say it works wonders. Unfortunately, I forgot what TV show it was… But I ordered Maral Gel later on the same day; I’ve been using it for 2 weeks already and I can see the result :)