Warning: About Your Link (Please Read)

Hi, before we talk about the right way to promote your IM Membership affiliate link, see 4 reasons you should not promote the link as it is, on social media:

First, It is already tied to another entity’s account.

I use entity to mean person or business. To run an ad promoting a domain on social media, you’ll have to verify ownership of the domain. Failure to do this might get your account banned, and all your efforts wasted.

Second, It is an affiliate link.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram hate affiliate links. Your link probably looks like https://chesswessltd.com/become-a-member/?pin=[number]. This is obviously an affiliate link and would violate the policies of most social media companies. They will suspend your account for doing this, and you won’t make any money. Don’t try it!

Third, you’ll put food out of other people’s table:

Oh! you think you are the only IM Member trying to earn, or earning, on our platform? Think again, if you promote your affiliate link and get banned, they’ll also ban every other account associated with chesswessltd.com. And thus, your actions will affect every other member negatively.

Finally, your link is a purchase, or add to cart, link: Facebook and Google hates sending people directly to a pay or order page. It violates their policies.

Please, in whatever you do, avoid using this link directly on social media.

Now that you know why you should not promote your links as it is or run ads directly to it, let’s see how to properly make use of this link and run ads the right way, that will fetch you money.

How To Promote Your IM Membership Link The Right Way