Free Content to Upload When Using Stackposts...

5 Types Of Content To Upload For Engagement

  • Controversial Content: Most publishing houses thrive on controversy. Daily controversial news related to your line of business is sure to create engagement and build raving fans that love your brand.
  • Viral videos: These videos can be funny or record breaking. You can find these viral videos on twitter, Instagram, and even
  • Giveaways: Just like we do, people love giveaways. When you do constant giveaways, your community would grow over time. But you can't always log in to all social media platforms to post these everyday, so just upload them using stackposts and let the software post them according to the dates you set.
  • Storytelling posts: People love stories. Even religious leaders understand this, hence, the best pastors are also the best story tellers. Infuse stories into your posts to liven up your audience.
  • Branded Graphics: Have your own branded graphics suited for your line of business. These days, getting a secondary school student who knows how to use photoshop isn't difficult. Once in a while, post motivational quotes using branded graphics. It works!

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