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Maybe you still don't understand...

You will never fall back to watch porn alone again after reading this to the end. 


This is likely going to be the most interesting and life changing letter you'll read this year.

Are you truly tired of masturbating and jerking off to white booties from porn?

When last did you actually fuck a babe you really like? I mean clean babe o, not paid hooker or ashawo.

Why use vaseline jelly and hand every time when guys like us are getting tired of the real thing? 

For how long are you going to allow the feeling of emptiness take over you after cumming inside a tissue paper?

What a waste of cum and time! You know how many ladies are praying for you to fuck them? Yes, you!

Don't get me wrong though. If you are watching porn with a babe then that's a different thing. But watching porn when you are horny because the girls/women you want are not available is what we mean by lack of opportunity. And you'll never watch porn again because you lack opportunity. Never!

I don't care how short, broke or fat you are, there are hot, rich, beautiful and drop dead gorgeous ladies dying to fuck you.

So how do I know?

Simple! because I've helped tons of guys like you get tired of women and their pussy.

See these.. 

facebook testimonial 1

Facebook testimonial 2

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facebook testimonial 5

(Names and female faces in these testimonials were blurred on request for privacy purposes)

If You Still Pay Money To Get Sex, Please Bury Your Head In Shame...

Most of the girls you are crushing on are settling for guys that you are better than.

What an error!

You see those guys up there?

No matter how difficult your life is right now, you are better off than most of them.

You are even more handsome than most of them.

Heck, you are more educated, even richer than many of them.

But they have something you don't have; they are women magnets, you are not.

All that is about to change.

Hey friend, my name is Deji. 

Some people call me Jack, my english name. I am a proud yoruba boy, as Dad is from Ekiti state and mum is from Rivers state, Nigeria. I'm a twin by the way, hence my close friends call me Deji Meji (Meji means two in yoruba).

I occasionally shuttle between two countries, as I left Nigeria in 2017 to do a post graduate program here in the USA. 

Okay, that aside, let me tell you a quick story. 

When I was an undergraduate at a federal university in Nigeria, there's this course mate of mine who had a First class in 'womanology'. Proper yoruba demon. This guy made a white, pretty, australian girl leave her country to come and spend 2 weeks with him in Federal University Of Technology, Akure.

Not only did she visit, the guy never spent a dime throughout her stay in Nigeria. Now, as at the time I heard this story, I've banged countless girls in school including numerous flings with one sexy female lecturer, that just returned from UK after her PHD program.

And no, it wasn't just sex that I benefitted. In fact, sex is the least beneficial thing I got from the women I dated. Care, warmth, recharge cards, vacations, cash gifts, assorted meals, and free 50 litres of diesel supply every week (from a lady whose Dad owned a big filling station in lagos).

But I was just doing local, Nigerian girls only. So I decided to test my system on white girls and boom...I came to the painful realization that women are all the same.

Deji and Hailey

With Hailey, the first white babe to visit me in Nigeria

Needless to say that I housed 2 different white girls on 2 different occasions where I lived off campus, before I left that school,  

So if you've failed to attract meaningful ladies into your life before now...

I feel your pain, but you have to forgive yourself and heal

And the good news is, you are in the right place.

I'm not trying to boast but when it comes to manipulating the female mind and controlling women, even the so called gurus you learn from, learn from me.

I've done terrible things as a bad boy (ladies' man) and got away with it. God forgive me. In fact, women even enjoyed all the nasty things I did to them. For 14 years now, I've never paid for sex or watched porn alone!

Sometimes, women pay me instead. I've enjoyed meaningful relationships with career women. I've even had mother and daughter agree to date me (though I didn't stay long in that relationship). All my life, I've watched good guys suffer and console themselves by visiting porn sites, while bad guys like us continue to fuck and treat hot women anyhow. And that's why I took my time to develop this program called... 


According to wikipedia, a yoruba demon is a slang for a young man, typically of Yoruba descent who has the uncanny gift to effortlessly make ladies fall for them very easily. .They are typically dressed in Yoruba native attire such as Agbada, buba, sokoto and fila (hat). Yoruba demon are stereotypically always neat and smartly dressed.

Yes - it cuts across all tribes. There are Igbo, fulani, Efik, Urhobo, and benue demons,etc. In fact, all tribes in Nigeria have them. So by yoruba demon, we mean a guy that has an avalanche of hot women at his beck and call. Yoruba demon is just the most popular phrase to describe this kind of person, that's all. Even if you are a white guy, Indian or from Peru, if you use this system and get results, then you are a full fledged yoruba demon.

A collection of how to apply each section of the program, plus videos that help you re-develop your mindset.

Physical Coaching. You'll meet me in your city at any club or school to pickup women live. Real Hands on Practicals.

Physical Time tested herbs that helped me and my students accelerate success with beautiful women.

According to a 2021 public health research by University of Manchester, did you know... 

The more you watch porn, the more frustrated you become with women.

That's because your brain has seen a constant safe zone for pleasure, and so doesn't feel the need to disrupt that pattern by making efforts to attract women in real life. 

Your fears of women rejecting you in the past isn't helping matters either. So the more you seek solitude watching and jerking off to porn, the more contented you are with it, and women can sense a weak porn addicted guy from a mile away!

So how does a lone porn guy go from jerking off to women in porn, to becoming a guy that hot women want to fuck in real life?

Answer: By becoming a yoruba demon!

Don't fret, I'm going to show you the secret system yoruba demons use, to make girls want to date them real bad.

So if you want to attract and date hot girls like I'm doing in the pictures below, continue reading.

Deji and Ava

Goofing around with Ava

Deji and bibi

Fling with a hot bartender, Bibi

I could go on and on with posting pictures of different hot women I've enjoyed in my life, but this page would be too heavy to load.

Being a yoruba demon means making girls see you as someone they have to date. This is the same secret that make them irresistible to girls. The reason why the girls you really want are turning you down is because you don't know this particular secret I am about to reveal right now.

But before I continue, I'm going to show you what I got earlier this week from someone who had used my system.

Now; here is the email.

"Thank u very much 4 changing my life with your program, The Yoruba Demon Secret System, I used to fear girls but I became a casanova with girls after implementing everything I learnt. Now my confidence is high and I get women effortlessly with the secrets I learnt from you. From Eromosele"

Thank you email from eromosele

Phew, feels good to get such praises (I swear)

Now, back to where I stopped.

...Secrets Yoruba demons use to make girls want to date them real bad...

Use this same concept and no girl will be able to resist you.

This concept can be really complicated but I will try to explain it gradually so you will get it.

In my program, I called it "Hypergamy latch", this is important. Stay with me.

Who would you love to be friends with - a begger or the Governor of your state?

The Governor of your state, right?

It's just common sense. Everybody loves to be associated with a person of value.

But when guys go after a girl they go as a begger, they don't project value.

Yoruba demons know that once they walk up to a girl and show her that she has power over them, that girl will treat them like shit. So what do they do? They play with her head and confuse her real bad into seeing them as a prize. So what they do is not to chase the girl but, rather, make her chase him. More like using their own weapons against them.

I know; it's confusing, but let me try and see if I can explain it a little bit in this little space I have here.

This is how yoruba demons make girls chase them...

They show these girls 'levels'; while other guys try hard to impress the girls they are interested in, they don't . They give her the impression that she (the girl he is chasing) has to be lucky to have caught his eyes and so they have to impress him.

When you try to impress a girl and she senses that is what you are trying to do; vam - she knacks you "begger status" and starts treating you like trash.

It's just common sense.

Yoruba demons don't ask girls out, they never ask them to be their girlfriend.

This doesn't mean you should walk up to a girl and start boasting your head off, do that and she will see you as an arrogant fool.

* Pause*

Before you even continue reading this letter, let's first see if you really need it (so I won't waste your time abeg).

Now; you only need to continue reading if the following two things has ever happened to you. As in, if one or both of the two things I am about to list out has ever happened to you.

Read them slowly


There is this girl who had been giving you green light, every single signs she is giving off points to the fact that she likes you. Then you go out and ask her out or start showing her signs that you like and bam - she starts acting cold around you and starts avoiding you

You assume that maybe she is playing hard to get and so you increase your "moves", but the more you try to show her that you like her too the more she keeps withdrawing and keeps avoiding you and showing disinterest.


There is this girl you really like. In fact, you have started asking her out - but she keeps telling you she can't date you. You keep trying to convince her that you are the one for her, you do sweet things for her, call her up everyday, send nice texts to her.

But yet, the more you try the more she acts cold to you.

Not just her; every girl you had ever liked had treated you the same way. You show them you love them and they treat you like trash.

Alright, I think that is enough. Have either of the two ever happened to you?

If yes, then I want to give you the solution to use and put a stop to it.

I am about to show you what to do so that when a girl gives you green light you take what she is feeling and multiply it so she will go crazy about you and not withdraw like they always do.

I will also show you the exact thing to do so girls won't withdraw and act cold when you ask them out. Infact, do this one thing and you will start becoming a hot cake with girls.

So what is this one thing?


Let me explain.

When a girl shows a guy that she loves him very much, the guy tends to loose interest in her and starts joking with her.

It also happens that way with girls. If she is very sure you like her, forget it, it's finished - she won't take you seriously.

The right approach is making her never too sure about your feelings for her. Giving her mixed signals.

How do you do this?

By acting like you like her this moment and then the next moment acting like you don't really like her that much.

I know; this advise goes against what you have previously been told about girls. You have always believed that to make a girl fall for you then you have to shower her with love and attention.

Why then is it not working for you? Have you ever asked yourself that?

Here is the answer: Because it doesn't work. Showing a girl how much you love her doesn't work - it's simple as that.

If it does then all the girls you have showered with attention would have been falling in love with you like crazy.

So what works?

Making her guess. Making her wonder how you feel about her...that is what works.

How do you make her guess?

Simple - by being mysterious and showing her mixed signals.

So what's the right way to be mysterious? That is where my program comes in. In it I explained exactly how to be mysterious around girls in such a way that gets them begging you to tell them how much you love them.

Also, I explained why you should never tell a girl that you love her and how to keep her interested in you and wishing to find out how you feel about her.

I'm also going to show why you need to trick girls into falling for you first before you start spending (if you want). Go against the formula I will reveal and she might start calling you a "mugu".

Yoruba demons make girls collect money from other guys and give to them. I will show you why girls (not only Nigerian girls ) do that, why they date a rich guy and still have a crush on a broke dude.

Anyway, being mysterious is just scratching the surface, about 25% of what you need to succeed with beautiful and intelligent women. Deploy it the wrong way and it will backfire against you.

While I break down how to be mysterious the right way, the remaining 75% of the success equation should not be overlooked and thankfully, all these are well detailed in the Yoruba Demon Secret System.

Now, a typical yoruba demon is smartly dressed but won't be needing very expensive clothes with my strategy. 

The real yoruba demons are the kind of guys that when you see them with beautiful women, you'll be asking yourself, what do women even see in this guy? 

And that's what I'm about to turn you into. A confident, know your worth kinda bad guy that women will love to always get dirty with, and even if you are shy, they'll see you as that coded sex toy that they can't do away with easily. Want an extensive list of what is covered in this program?

I'm not here to give you ebooks we both know you'll never open or read.

Here is an extensive list of what is contained in each section of the program below:

  • Section One:
  • Life Changing Coaching Videos. They include the following:
  • How To Destroy that 'choked up' feeling in your stomach and eliminate fear when you meet a beautiful woman.
  • How to get hot white girls to visit you in Nigeria without spending a dime. Do this and your friends will forever respect and see you as their boss.
  • The one secret dating app you'll need to smash hot white girls, and all the things you need to say to get their juices flowing. In fact, start by watching this video.
  • I read all the books, went to seminars and watched everything. It wasn't until I did this One thing that women started falling for me. I share why this is the most powerful thing for you to do and why almost no man is doing this to attract women from the 5 minute mark of the 1st video.
  • How to make love to a girl you want for keeps. Porn is scripted. Good sex is not when you bang a woman hard and fast like a carpenter as porn would make you believe. In this video, an award winning porn actor turned dating guru, shows you why you shouldn't copy what is done in porn and how to make love to a woman practically by making love with his real life girlfriend. Super!
  • How to pass every test a woman throws at you.
  • How to make a woman spend her money on you. Do this and women will steal from other guys and enrich you. You'll be enjoying her money and pussy without stress. 
  • My secret hand holding technique that you can use to give her mixed signals and make her both curious and excited about you. If you are in a hurry, just fast forward the 1st video to the 16th minute mark where I share this technique.
  • The Yoruba demon 'eye contact' that can moist her pant. Use this to make her heart race towards you, even if she caught a glimpse of you accidentally. She must turn back to stare at you, I promise!
  • The simple trick that will make a high value woman give you her phone number and whatsapp contact. She will even give you MTN, AIRTEL and GLO if she has all the three! This works every time.
  • 4 ways Yoruba demons use the power of 'mixed messages' to drive hot women wild with curiosity and excitement. Do these and women will be all over you.
  • Life Changing Coaching Videos for Personal finance, Remember, when you start having success with women, you need to keep building yourself. These videos show you how to master money and earn a decent living online. A true Yoruba demon has all three; women, money and dress sense.
  • Life Changing Coaching Videos for Fashion and Grooming. You should be grateful that this video was added to help you in certain areas of life that school failed to address. It's true you won't spend any money when white women start visiting you, but the kind of uber or taxi to hire for classy women and white girls matters a lot. Hairstyle and perfume too.
  • Section Two:
  • Physical products/herbs for accelerated success. I don't mean concoctions that are paraded along Lagos/Ibadan expressway, but real products that have permanently changed my sexual story and those of my students/friends for good.
  • This old drink was used by the elites in ancient europe to sleep with a woman without getting tired. Delivered to your house address, this one is the least of many surprises packaged for you.
  • Porn stars use this oil-like substance to increase their penis length overtime and make their dick harder. It's the first of its kind in Nigeria. Get her engine revved up properly with this little lube.
  • The number one aphrodisiac for getting a woman in the mood and make her attempt to rape you. Please don't give this drink to a woman that is stronger than you. You might not be alive to tell the story.
  • Section Three:
  • Real Pickup practicals with you in your location. I really want to connect with you. I'm coming to 7 major cities in Nigeria. Hope we can arrange something up real quick. You'll get to:
  • Meet and network with my friends and I, who are the true masters of dating and get us to share our jealously guarded secrets with you.
  • I will hold you by the hand and get you to meet any random girl of your choice that you like on the street. You'll see everything I talked about in the video playing out in real life. If she doesn't disturb you for a hangout after this meeting, I'll gladly refund you double the cost of the entire program.
  • Live sessions at various on campus locations and supermarket. Why the supermarket is one of the best places to meet women and how to get them to collect your number and call you the same day.
  • Watch me chat dirty with normal girls and bring out their wild side on whatsapp or snapchat. If you have the contact of any lady you want to date, we'll chat her up together and make her cheat on her boyfriend (I don't advise trying these dangerous techniques on married women).

Stop paying for what women should give you for free.

And if you've been patronizing sex workers, please stop. There are a lot of deadly diseases out there.

Besides, you can't sustain that practice forever. You might go broke over time if you continue in that habit. Money should be used for meeting basic needs and investment, while women fight over whose turn it is to have your dick for the night.

Your dick is a big trophy, and the earlier you realize it, the more choosy you'll become with women.

But how do some guys even reason? How can you pay cash for what you and the lady enjoyed together?

I'm not talking about giving a woman transport money from your heart, that is, after you've enjoyed her company or think she's done a good job.

Keep one thing in mind: women love sex more than you. But they act like they don't so that society, including you and I, won't judge them. Again...

“Can You Handle Such A Hot Woman?”

Deji and henrietta - Yoruba Demon

You don't need to be shaky, they are actually the easiest to handle.

The Yoruba Demon Secret System will be in three major stages, though the coaching videos will be split into those for dating/women attraction, and personal development/finance.

So you have Dating videos, Physical products delivered to your house address, Personal live coaching after which I'll give you my personal phone number, and then the last part, Personal coaching.videos where I show you how to develop yourself financially.

Note: This program will be communicated strictly by email. At each stage of the program, you'll be receiving different emails as you gain mastery of one section before proceeding to another.

yoruba demon secret system DVD

The coaching DVD above is just a section of the Yoruba Demon Secret System. 

Just in case you have forgotten; click here to see all you'll be getting for all sections.

So how much will this program cost?

How much will you pay to get a foreign lover visit you in Nigeria, all the way from wherever she lives? And even if we are to go by the cost of 1 flight ticket, approximately $1997, this will conveniently pay for only one section of this program.

To be part of my inner circle members, who have truly gone beyond attracting women, to creating deals and excelling in online business and career in general, will set you back by at least $997 a year. 

Like I said earlier; a complete Yoruba demon has all the 3 going for him; women/relationship successfinancial success, and Personal development/Dress sense/physical success.

Let's say, section two that concerns, sending you physical products is virtually free, because my team will work tirelessly in the background to get the products to your doorstep within 2 to 3 working days at no delivery cost.

These products are premium nonetheless. I'm talking about products that top porn production companies pay exorbitant prices for, to make their actors deliver good performance at every scene. Click here again to see this particular section and the products in details.  .

So $1997  + $997 + $397 Free = $2994

But you are not even going to pay one-third of that right now;

Which is $998.

Okay, because you are very eager to improve your dating/sex life, it will not be fair to put this out of your reach having read up to this point.

But you must commit something. Commitment is the difference between the successful and the mediocre. It is not just a step, it is the only step to achieving success.

Paying 5% of the $998 is only fair for you since we are still trying to establish trust. But the remaining will be paid when you finish the program entirely and start getting results like some of my students are doing in the testimonials you've seen on this page.

So we have a deal and I'm going to trust you on this one. 5% of the $998 will be paid now, and this will get you a 3 months trial membership into my inner circle. 

And remember, you only pay the remaining (95%) when you are done with the entire program. That is, when you have made at least 1 million naira on the financial coaching series of the program. The women attraction aspect is the easiest, as you will have a lot of them that you wouldn't know what to do with them again. 

5% of $998 = $49.90

At an international benchmark of 500 Naira per dollar;

$49.90 x N500 = N24,950.

Go ahead and purchase the Yoruba Demon Secret System with 24,950 Naira by clicking on this link.

New Update:

Due to the barrage of pleas we've been getting via email lately, we are dropping the commitment fee even further.

I mean, not when I'm getting emails like this...

Plea email from abdulazeez

Being a compassionate human at heart, I've decided to listen. But it won't come with the same privileges that the guys paying N24,950 enjoy.

For example; you will just be a member and won't have access to my inner circle at the completion of the program. Only inner circle members have my personal whatsapp contact and can access me anytime. You'll still get full access to all three major sections of the program though.

So, 1% of $998 committed now, to pay the remaining when you've started seeing results in your dating life, plus making at least 1 million naira from my business coaching series at the end of the program.

1% of $998 = $9.98

$9.98 x N500 = N5,000

I wish we can do more for you at this point. I really don't know what else we can do because right now, you are literally stealing this program.

Kindly proceed and make a payment of N5000 by clicking on this link right away

See what our students/members have to say:

"...we are in a serious relationship now..."

"I have always been a shy guy and feared the rejection part that could take place when approaching a woman. After watching half of your videos, I realized I didn't need to fear rejection. I began practicing your Rizler techniques and began to meet more women and get more phone numbers so life was great.

But I met one lady that I really, really liked and still used your rizler techniques. We exchanged contact and when I called her later that night, she said she was just thinking about me and was about to call. I replied her with, 'All women say that'. To cut the long story short, we are in a serious relationship that will lead to marriage anytime soon. Thank you, Deji"



"...I have two dates lined up for this week."

"It has been 2 years and 3 months I split with my ex-wife, and I've not had any date since. But after watching your videos, I'm blown away by how simple it is to control women.

As we speak, I have two dates lined up for this week. One is a doctor in a private hospital, the other is a young sweet girl that just finished her NYSC. These women are hot! Thank you"


Civil Servant

Start Your Double Refund, No Risk, 90-Day Trial!

yoruba demon guarantee logo

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't experience a tremendous improvement in your dating life and finances over the next 90 days, just let us know and we'll send you a double refund.

"...if you are in Abuja, I'd like to buy you chilled beer..."

"After watching your videos, there is something I realized. The way you said guys should act is the exact same way my friends who score a lot with women act.

Thank you for making this program, and if you are in Abuja, I'd like to buy you chilled beer". What's your brand? Heineken?



"......more women are beginning to notice."

"I noticed most yoruba demons in my school have other aspects of their life together, and not just women. I already have a girlfriend but I suspect she is cheating so I'm beginning to keep my options open. I really want to develop myself as we mainly have money issues and so I found this program very helpful.

I enjoyed every section of the program but the videos on finance and personal development is what I've enjoyed the most. For the first time in my life, I've made more money in a week than I've made in a month, and it seems more women are beginning to notice."


Undergraduate, UNILORIN

"...My elder sister's friend...just invited me to her house..."

"Hi Mr Deji, a female friend saw me talking to a girl on the street and was like 'you don spoil o'. They know me as a very quiet person before, so they are very surprised that I've changed.

My elder sister's friend that I've been admiring just invited me to her house, and I have a deep feeling that something crazy is going to happen, not after all the heavy flirting we've done.. I'll keep you updated. Thanks."


Undergraduate, LAUTECH

What Did I Forget?

+ Why You Should Join This Program

Earlier on this page, you could remember when I said your fear of women rejecting you in the past isn't helping matters, right? Inside this program, I'm going to reveal one simple exercise that you'll do at night to dissolve all your fears of past rejections and turn you into a women magnet.

All you need for this exercise is just a small piece of paper, moonlight (that's why it has to be at night), some affirmations and matches/lighter. 

You'll wake up the following morning feeling like all the girls that rejected you were too shy to admit they liked you. I'm serious! Many of my students have gotten life changing results with this.

Why you should join this program: Hot women have a lot of admirers. I want you to realize you aren't the only one interested in her.

Now imagine a scenerio where you and another guy are both interested in a lady. The guy has knowledge of this program and you don't. It's certain you've lost the girl who could have been your girlfriend, wife or helper in one way or the other.

And not only that, you lost her to a guy that you are better than. You lost her to a guy whose only advantage over you was the knowledge he got from the teachings and radical implementation of the Yoruba Demon Secret System.

It would be disastrous not to know what other guys know, because the competition for the few good women out there is getting cold and brutal. You'll be cheating yourself big time if you don't click on the sign up now link to better your life.

Two Extra Bonuses Before You Purchase

Just to sweeten the deal, here are two extra special bonuses just for you.

Remember, all my students in the Facebook group and inner circle members didn't get what I'm about to share with you right now.

Bonus #1: Out in the field live practical with you in your location (Value: N750,000):

What we usually did before was a physical seminar kind of training, where I picked a female staff at the training venue, and flirt with her for all to see. But this one is different, it won't be in a class or seminar like.

We are going into the trenches to "get our hands dirty". We'll meet in a more natural location as I explained earlier. 7 cities will be covered: Lagos Island, Abuja, Port harcourt, Ibadan, Kano, Uyo, and Enugu. If you stay in or close to any of these cities, please get ready. All information regarding this will be communicated to you via email.

Bonus #2: My Dating sniper scripts (Value: N500,000)

I'm not talking about the dishonest, overused hospital billing format, or pretending you've been arrested kind of stuff. To make your journey easier, I'll send you all the chat scripts between me and white ladies who sent me money in the past. 

But please, don't misuse these scripts when you get access to them. It took us close to a year to properly compile this. Just edit and use to start making money in dating. 

So click on the sign up now button below to proceed with any plan and get started:

Start Your Double Refund, No Risk, 90-Day Trial!

"Commitment is the difference between the successful and the mediocre. It is not just a step, it is the only step to achieving success.”

Your buddy for life,

Deji Meji

P.S.: Got questions? Reach out to me via this email: 

P.P.S: It has come to my notice that some people approach those in the group to give them the course illegally without making a purchase. So, I've changed our Facebook group from private to secret. This way, all our contents remain inaccessible to outsiders unless you are specially invited to join the group. Thanks.

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