I revenged myself upon my ex at the graduate reunion event by banging her hard in a toilet

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I revenged myself upon my ex at the graduate reunion event by banging her hard in a toilet


Posted: today / Author: Miguel

My name is Miguel, I’m 29. This is a story about how I taught my ex-girlfriend a good lesson and got rid of sex complexes.

My love life is great now! But it wasn’t always like that. In high school, I was a downtrodden pimpled timid guy who wore oversized glasses, was shy and was in love with maths and Victoria, the most beautiful girl in the school. Victoria was the one whom every single guy fell for, and I can’t say the same about maths. That’s not surprising: she was a cheerleader, a blonde with legs that go one forever and D cup boobs which made even old teachers get boners…


But this angel turned out to have a mean soul. Victoria dumped me and dishonoured me in front of mutual friends. But, 10 years later, my revenge was so sweet! And great. And fat! But first things first.

As I’ve already said, I was a shy guy. Our school’s hunks teased me and called me “four-eyed” because I wore glasses with thick lenses. That’s why I felt like a kid in a candy store when Victoria approached me and invited me to her graduation party. I jerked off to her boobs in the nights for so many years, and I suddenly had a chance! Of course, it felt weird that Victoria chose me instead of some handsome guy that had a crush on her since long ago. But does it matter when you’re on the roll?

The day of Victoria’s graduation party came. I armed her and was proud of myself. The guys looked at me enviously, the girls looked at me with disbelief. This was my first time and I fell in love with her even more! But she was cold in bed, just like a fish: she got away from me, screwed up her face in revulsion when I tried to ask her for a blow job.

Putting the nail in the coffin of the male ego

After the graduation party, we dated for several more days. Then she dumped me over an SMS message. I was so desperate that I was about to fail my college admission examinations. She told everyone I was bad in bed and that I couldn't last long in bed. Can you imagine how it hurt my self-esteem?

I was worried and disappointed. Everything that I did to make her get aroused wasn't really working. Victoria left me for good, and that was when everything changed for me.


No, not immediately. But fortunately, in college, I managed to trick girls into sex. But love wasn’t a reason: I wanted to bolster my self-esteem and to forget about my failure with Victoria. Then I obtained a diploma, found a steady girlfriend. She was timid and mousy, just like me. 2 weeks later, she dumped me because she didn't enjoy our lovemaking.

It was the final straw.

I tried different drugs, but they came with dangerous side effects which the pharmacists made me aware of. But still, nothing changed. I surfed the net, tried different diets, and the results were even worse. I also tried different herbal drinks, and apart from the bitter taste they left in my mouth, some worked but not for too long. Imagine kissing a woman and then she detects traces of the bitter herbs you took a few moments earlier? MOOD KILLER! The entire lovemaking process should be enjoyed, not endured. But how do you sustain erection and still make a woman sexually aroused for hours?

The Eureka Moment

You see that question? I summoned courage to ask my kid brother's friend, Shawn. I was like, "Shawn, during the 'match', how do you sustain erection and still make all these your hot bitches sexually aroused for hours?". You see, shawn was a bad boy who knew how to bed women. But he was my kid brother's mate, and pride didn't let me open up to him all this while about my frustrations. Well, he showed me something that blew my mind. Infact, that was the first time I heard the word, 'sovetskoe'.

He told me it's a very powerful aphrodisiac that pumps up testosterone levels in men, giving you rock hard erections while increasing your 'excitation period'. Now the cool thing about this drink is that, it also fires up a woman and makes her super wet. I was shocked! To cut a long story short, I decided not to waste my time on drugs that don't work. I ordered the product - Sovetskoe Champagne .


In the past, I couldn’t even imagine that one can genuinely sustain his erection and improve sexual prowess of either partner with a bottle of wine. It turned out it’s possible. And, unlike drugs, it’s safe for your health. Sovetskoe Champanskoe consists of extracts of exotic plants. According to the instruction, these extracts spikes up your testosterone levels and puts any lady you want to have sex with, in the mood.


How sovetskoe enlongates a dick after drinking is what surprised me. Instead of a ridiculous 12-cm-long prick, I had a 20-cm tool and was proud to show it off to my girlfriend who gazed at my dick in awe. The coolest thing? The taste is heavenly. I don't need to brush my teeth after taking it unlike those 'bitters'. According to one girl I had dated, she gets turned on by my breath after gulping down a glass of sovetskoe champagnskoe. It’s just a success, it’s a super breakthrough!!!


Of course, I didn't want to share this new discovery with other guys around me, you know, humans can be really selfish. But then again, I remembered the pains I felt when Victoria went about telling people that I didn't know how to properly handle a woman. As fate would have it, I got an invitation to the graduate reunion event on Facebook a week later. Victoria was going to come, too. So that was a chance to revenge me upon her for my shame!

I dressed smartly, wore expensive perfume. There was no trace of a pimpled teenager which I used to be 10 years ago. But Victoria recognized me and said I changed for the better. She seemed to have a soft spot for me as talking to her and securing a room for both of us was quite easy. And I promised myself that she was going to get the best lovemaking of her life that night. We got gisting, flirted a bit, and all efforts to make her have some couple of cocktails proved abortive. But at last, we had a bowl of chicken nuggets and water for dinner. Then I opened the bottle of sovetskoe champagne I came with, 30 minutes after we finished dinner. What happened next blew me away; she dragged me to the toilet to “relive our youth”. She unzipped my flies, took my penis out of my pants and gave a cry… She started saying some nasty shit that only a dog on heat would say.

Then I forced my penis into her mouth. She could hardly deal with it, tried to break free, suffocated. I was beside myself with pleasure and appetite for revenge. It is judgement on you for telling the 'whole world' that I was such a terrible guy in bed! It serves you right!


The next morning, Victoria called me. But I blacklisted her number. I know I acted like an asshole. But it’s she who shouldn’t have dishonored me in front of everyone! Well, I don’t recommend you to follow my example. But you can improve your sexual potency and stamina with the help of this drink. I’m gonna tell you why.

Sovetskoe Champanskoe consists of active ingredients like Damiana leaf and maca, that widen blood vessels and cavernous bodies, stimulate its tissues to grow for men. And what an effect Sovetskoe has on your sexual potency! For women, it's a healthy substitute for unprocessed dark chocolate in making women moist and keeping the estrogen levels in a woman at a high. In the past, I could do it no more often than once or twice a week, but now I can do it 5-6 times a night and that’s not the limit.

The effect of Sovetskoe will last all your life long. I noticed my penis enlarged and stayed erect more when I started taking this drink at exactly 7 months ago. It hasn’t got smaller even by a millimetre during this period. When it’s erect, it’s still 20 cm.


Now, I’m dating a 19-year-old model Evelyne. She’s delighted with my penis and call it affectionately “a sex machine”. So, guys, you have chances to fuck the best girls of your city. Don’t waste your time, order Sovetskoe on the manufacturer’s site.



well, it has grown



Not bad! You convinced me. I order: D


ordered !!!


I have a long but terribly thin one, do you think it will help with thickness? I do not want to lengthen because I already have 17 cm, but it is terribly thin :(


- idk but he did the dirty on Victoria...


@Goldy but Victoria was also rude, killing his self esteem by making a private affair, public.


So it's true. Saw this drink on a clip of spankbang and victor's live pornhub shows and taught it was just a normal wine. Will definitely give it a try.



I recommend Sovetskoe , too. It works better than any aphrodisiac and makes your penis significantly bigger.



say what you want. but I noticed that my wife's sex drive has gone through the roof since she started taking this drink.


I order !!! photos are great


does it come from England or from asia?? And do you deliver to ghana?


as far as I know, shipping from England and they also deliver to some african countries like Nigeria and ghana.

They are following me

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