From a loser in sex to a porn star.
How I enlarged my penis and became an in-demand actor

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Chris, porn actor
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Most of porn actors use stage names at work, and I’m not an exception. But Sovetskoe Champanskoe isn’t just a stage name.
It’s a way to show respect to the product with the same name. It helped me to start my career.

When you see me in porn movies, you’re very unlikely to think that I had ever had sexual problems. But just several years ago, girls didn’t want to have sex with me. They only laughed when they saw my small manhood. And I had a lot of desire to have sex that I felt pain in my between leg. I had to watch porn movies. Of course, I wanted to have a big penis like porn actors’. I had no money for surgery and was afraid of an extender – who knows, maybe, it would hurt my penis and I would never get a boner again. So, I had to spend nights alone, wishing to make love to a girl.

It all changed by chance

One day, I watched a documetary on animal planet about the sex life of lions. I never expected it to be a horror for poor male lions. I got the shock of my life when I heard that lionesses would bite the balls of a lion when she wants sex but doesn't get it. This episode reminded me of a friend's wife that almost injured him during their first night of lovemaking after taking a few glasses of sovetskoe. Yea, I'm talking about stuff that makes women horny but, it doesn't stop there. It also makes your boner last several hours straight, to meet up with her demand! It’s a dream of those who have sexual problems – it’s better than any pills. Also, if taken regularly, it makes your penis grow!

After the TV documentary was over, I gave it some thought. There must be something the sumerians and ancient civilizations used to enhance potency and enlarge a penis in the past, and there should definitely be something like that nowadays. I searched for the info on local magazines and came across Sovetskoe Champanskoe , drink with natural components in its formula. Some of them have already been used to improve men’s health, and, being a part of this combination, they produce an amazing effect. The reviews prove it.

This got me so excited that I vowed to share this on the internet. Also, I decided to take a risk and ordered Sovetskoe Champanskoe. Used it for a couple of months.

Guys, it’s amazing! My penis used to be too thin, it was 14 cm long and bent to the right. Look what my monster looks like now! Well, most likely, you’ve already had a look at it in the movies. Its length is 21 cm and its girth is 8 cm, it doesn’t curve anymore. Other effects are cool, too.

I had no problems with erections anyway, but now I only need to see a beauty in the street or think about sex – and I get a boner immediately. I can have sex for hours it’s good for my job. All in all, Im really happy with my penis size.

I realized it was time to make my dreams come true and try to get into porn. I send my pictures to a studio. The next day, I was invited to screen-test. I was extremely anxious. But Sovetskoe Champanskoe didn’t let me down. I had a rock-hard boner for a couple of hours. That’s how I started my career as a porn star.

What I’d like to say is that even if you’re satisfied with your penis size and sex quality, I recommend you to try Sovetskoe Champanskoe. Be sure you’ll feel the difference. Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that you can order Sovetskoe Champanskoe here . I tried to order it somewhere else where it was cheaper, but came across a fake. Don’t repeat my mistakes. Hope you'll have amazing sex and make love to beatiful girls!


Steve Atkinson
Like Reply 4 days ago

Wow I’ve never thought you had problems like that. You’re cool, you did it!

Michael Reed
Like Reply 4 days ago

What’s more interesting is how did they find out that some ingredients of sovetskoe increases sexual desire/libido? Did some aborigine observe lions eating some of these herbs? :)

Alex Robinson
Like Reply 3 days ago

I've been taking this drink , so I agree with every word. My penis grew 4,5 cm bigger within a month, I always get rock-hard boners, girls scream with pleasure… And I have sex daily, and it’s a new girl every day!

Max Harris
Like Reply 2 days ago

Wow gotta try it out, even though I’m OK with my 17 cm. Well, who knows, maybe things will get even better.

Nick Elliot
Like Reply 2 days ago

Oh yeah I saw his tool and felt envious, I thought that it’s thanks to Mother Nature, but it turns out I was wrong…

Robert Fisher
Like Reply 1 day ago

OMG thank you for a link to Sovetskoe Champanskoe . My penis is just 13 cm long, I’m so tired of it. I ordered the drink and I can’t wait to get a parcel, try it out and see the result.

Christian Davies
Like Reply 1 day ago

One can tell many things about Sovetskoe , but as a food lover, what excites me most is that it can be used to make different cocktails. I've blended fresh pomegranates and strawberries with it before. A complete drink!

Den Miller
Like Reply 11 hours ago

Cool stuff. I’ve been using it for 2 weeks, it grew 2 cm bigger so far, but that’s not the limit. I like it that this drink is approved by FDA, and doesn't have any side effects.

Alexander O’Brien
Like Reply 11 hours ago

I was a fool to use a vacuum pump. I was so unlucky one day that I got a bruise. For the next two weeks, peeing was painful and I didn’t even want to think about sex. I think I should order this and give it a try.

Steve Turner
Like Reply 5 hours ago

Thanks God I don’t have problems like that, I like my size, it’s 22 cm. I’m afraid my penis will look like a boa constrictor if I drink too much :)

Thomas Bagnall
Like Reply 4 hours ago

Cool porn actor! I love movies with him, all his partners are beautiful ladies and the plot is always thought out well. Trust me, I’m porn-savvy.

Den Xavier
Like Reply 2 hours ago

It’s scary to use stuff like that. On the other hand, it the formula is natural, why not? You can never know…

Irene Mabbit
Like Reply 2 hours ago

Such a cool penis!!! I love big penises!!! Now I know how to help my husband, his 16 cm can’t satisfy me. Finally, I won’t have to cheat on him.

John Rogers
Like Reply 50 min. ago

Girls in his movies are amazing, I wish I was there instead of him.

Andrew Murphy
Like Reply 30 min. ago

Haven’t used it, but heard a lot of good things about this drink. So, it turns out this stuff does work.